LO2: Understand the regulation of occupational health and safety.

2.1 Analysing the requirements of legislation and the enforcement regime.

The legal system facilitates the organizations to comply with various rules, guidelines and regulations imposed by the government and its authority. However, Occupational health and safety system plays vital roles in providing sufficient safety and security protections at the workplace as well as ensuring the good and sound health conditions of the workers. These legal guidelines regarding the safety and health issues help the organizations to reduce the possibility of occurring injuries, accidents and any unpleasant incidents. Moreover, these rules and regulations are very crucial for the welfare and improvements of the workforce of the organizations. Occupational health and safety legislation assists to ensure smooth working facilities because the employees feel risk-free working environment. It will result in turning into an effective and efficient workplace that help to increase the productivity of the organizations (Jafari, 2015).

2.2 Evaluation of the extension of the compliance of regulatory requirements, organisational requirements and industry best practice.

There are different regulatory and organizational requirements that every organization has to comply with these (Petak, 2016). If the organizations are failed to comply with these requirements, then they face various problems to attain their goals of ensuring safe and secure workplaces. The organizations are bound to comply with the laws that are imposed the regulatory authority. They require to follow all the guidelines and standards regarding the safety, security and health issues at the workplace. Any violations of these regulatory requirements may result in fines to the authority. Besides, organizations also formulate some policies, standards and guidelines that help to comply with the legislation imposed by the regulatory authority. Organizations arrange various plans and monitoring system to ensure the safety and security at the workplaces. Moreover, organizations need to follow the best practices of the health and safety system by considering the effectiveness and efficiency of these requirements.