Level 7 Diploma in Executive Management

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The qualification has been created to develop and reward the business managers of today and the future, and to continue to bring recognition and professionalism to the management sectors.

We hope that learners take the opportunity to learn a great deal from this qualification that will provide relevant new skills and qualities.

It is envisaged that this qualification will encourage both academic and professional development so that learners move forward to realise not just their own potential but also that of organisations across a broad range of sectors.

The Diploma is accredited at the postgraduate Level 7 and has a total of 120 credits. Completing the Diploma allows access to a dissertation at one of our University partners for a related master’s degree.


This qualification is aimed at those who are seeking middle and executive level roles in medium or large corporations. The qualification will:

The qualification scope covers the primary business functions and aims to provide a holistic study of core organisational issues that executive management would be expected to take responsibility for.

The qualification provides a programme of learning for those who want to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of organisations and how executive management can help to achieve organisational and strategic objectives.

Part of the assessment for this qualification will require study of large complex organisations (with excess of 250 staff and/or £5.75 million turnover) that operate internationally. The qualification aims to help individuals appreciate and develop their personal and professional abilities and skill sets.

The qualification programme requires Learners to understand and apply management concepts, models and techniques, and demonstrate skills associated with management operating at the strategic level in organisations. The qualification explores some of the main functions and disciplines that underpin effective and successful organisations, namely finance, human resources, operations, marketing and project management. It also explores how supply chain, quality and trade consideration impact organisations.

The Level 7 qualification will require Learners to critically evaluate, challenge and apply a wide range of management theory, techniques and models and discipline specific theory, practice and tools. By analysing and critiquing national and international organisations Learners will examine how the different functions and disciplines affect the organisation’s strategy, success and way it operates.

The qualification also requires learners to demonstrate a range of skills required of executive level management including problem solving and report writing. Learners will also develop their research and analytical skills. The qualification will enable learners to become independent, self-directed, with the tools and motivation to continue learning, developing and reflecting on practice throughout their careers.


Level 7 qualifications are designed to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills learners require to deal with the complexities of leadership and strategic management in a business context, and to develop their ability to lead change in organisations. The Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Executive Management aims to give learners the opportunity to:

1. Gain a recognised qualification from an internationally recognised awarding organisation.

2. Learn from a curriculum supported by the most recent content relevant to a contemporary business environment.

3. Develop new skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied.

4. Prepare for higher-level positions in management through personal and professional develop as a leader who thrives in complex and globally diverse environments.

5. Have assessments marked and moderated by respected professionals with practical experience across a number of business sectors and management fields.

6. Be supported by a digital online platform and develop a personalised e-portfolio to improve the transparency and portability of the qualification.

7. Progress along a pathway to gain a higher level qualification.


The overall learning outcomes of the Diploma are:

1. To understand and apply the principles of strategic leadership in a business environment

2. Review and apply the principles of business management within industry

3. To understand and apply the principles of strategic management in a specific environment

4. To improve the employability of learners by allowing them to explore the relationship between management theories and their practical application in the business world

5. Analyse problem-solving techniques specific to business and industry

6. Select, collate, review and analyse information form a wide range of sources

7. Work independently and as part of a team

8. Manage one’s own personal development and growth.


The qualification has been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that restrict access and progression. Entry to the qualifications will be through centre interview and learners will be expected to hold the following:

In certain circumstances, individuals with considerable experience but no formal qualifications may be considered, subject to interview and being able to demonstrate their ability to cope with the demands of the programme.


Unit ReferenceMandatory UnitsLevelTQTGLHCredits
EXE1.1Corporate Strategy71506015
EXE1.2Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy71506015
EXE1.3Human Resource Practice, Leadership and Management71506015
EXE1.4Global Trade and its Impact on Strategy71506015
EXE1.5Research, Problem Solving and Business Reporting71506015
EXE1.6Operations, Quality and Supply Chain Management71506015
EXE1.7Strategic Marketing71506015
EXE1.8Project Management71506015

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